How to Find a Good Name for your new Hipster Blog

It’s not hard to come up with a cool name once you’ve confirmed your personal brand , as it allows you to choose appropriate words to style your blog’s name.

The hard part is figuring out what you and your blog are all about, and what makes you uniquely special, because that’s what the name should be based on.

Beware of Ideas that Seem Cool

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a name that’s very common (ie Hipster-Girl) and trying to make it unique by spelling it in a funky way, such as ‘Hipster-Gurrrl’.

This may appear to be a great idea initially, but it’s not the type of name you want to be stuck with once you’re not into hipsterism anymore, or decide that ‘gurrrl’ is not a cool way to spell ‘girl’.

What should you do?

Sit back and do a bit of thinking about yourself, what topics you’ll be writing or reblogging about, and what makes you awesomely special.

Then, make a list of all the potential names that come into your mind, however silly it may sound. Just write them all down, and remember to try and spell them in a way that’s easy for your friends to understand when you tell it to them in a noisy party.

Should You Include the Word ‘Hipster’ in your Blog’s Name?

Do also reflect on whether you actually want to include the word ‘hipster’ in your blog’s name. You’ll be investing a fair bit of time to make your blog appealing to friends and visitors. It will likely stay with you for some time, but your obsession in hipsterdom may be an interest that changes in a few months or next year.

The last thing you want is to be associated with being a hipster when you’ve grown out of it or don’t think it’s hip anymore.

Be Authentic, Creative and most of all, Yourself

At the end of the day, be original and don’t just copy what your friends are doing.

Ironically, to find an ideal name for your hipster blog, it may be a good idea to not use the word ‘hipster’ in it, as that will give your blog sufficient flexibility to evolve in the future.

If possible, you should find a timeless name that will always remain relevant when your identity and interests mature over time.

Use your Own Name

One strategy used by a lot of successful bloggers is to use their own name as the name of their blog.

You don’t need to use your full name. A nickname or first name is more than enough. Or, you can combine it with an adjective that describes you (ie Sultry Steph, Delicious Dawn, Charming Chloe, Amazing Amanda), or another suitable word (ie Giselle’s Blog, Rachel’s Rants).

While these may not be your typical ‘cool’ hipster blog names, one thing is for sure – they will stand the test of time and be able to grow with you as your tastes and interests mature.

Remember when you thought MySpace was super cool? Well, you don’t anymore right? And one day, you may evolve from being a hipster to something way cooler.

So give yourself the flexibility to grow by choosing a suitable blog name. You’re going to be putting a lot of effort into making it awesome, and the last thing you want is to have to abandon it because it has an inappropriate name.


List of 67 Cute Hipster Tumblr Names to Inspire You

It’s hard to come up with a really cute Tumblr name that’s original and simply awesome.

All the good names seem to be taken and in use already. You don’t want to be a copycat but it can be tempting sometimes when you’re not very creative and anything you think of just sounds lame.

To help you out, here is a massive list of names to give you lots of inspiration. Don’t copy any of them outright, but just browse through to see what type of naming style you like and then adapt it to suit your character and personality.

A lot of them are pretty cute and cool, but there are some that are silly and try to be too smart. Just pick the best from the list and ignore the rest, as some of them can be quite rude and overly brash.

  1. deliriousmistakes
  2. livingalonewithonlymythoughts
  3. escap3-with-me
  4. livinglouder29
  5. last1youlove
  6. 1ddreamoutloud
  7. nataaliacorrea
  8. paintbrushesandbubblegum
  9. camerashy443
  10. hipster-retspih
  11. dianapervushina
  12. unic0rns-taking0ver
  13. cockblockersociety
  14. wemustbe-killers
  15. girl-i-canmake-your-hips-stir
  16. alwayssbeyou
  17. tulipsunflowers
  18. mcklewhore
  19. emma-ploessl
  20. how-tobe-indie
  21. moniqueeluviaano
  22. peap0ds
  23. readbooksblowminds
  24. mylifeline21
  25. lefttoright-lastone,want.
  26. awrinkle-in-time
  27. brilliant-brun3tt3
  28. negatorri
  29. endlesslyyy-forrever
  30. julialaurene
  31. raremixedchick
  32. youknowthatyouwantto
  33. 0hhey-beautiful
  34. cra-zy-vib-es
  35. breaktherulesandsmile
  36. musicdreamsandmagic
  37. chan-theillest
  38. niightdreamer
  39. ayee-erbear
  40. just-my-little-wonderwall
  41. s3xi-bitch
  42. sparrowsandcrosses
  43. the-con-she-called-love
  44. yourea-lion
  45. dontleavemehere-alone
  46. lorindavi
  47. bacardi-chas3rs
  48. n0y0u
  49. unboricuaenlaluna
  50. rachelhendyy
  51. vittyalex
  52. kartier-klass
  53. okieedokieee
  54. dacutiepuppy
  55. estupidaysensualnutella
  56. second-kisses
  57. bigbootycourtney
  58. almidi
  59. g00d-vib3zzz
  60. twerkaaholic
  61. tea-at-five
  62. youreyes-dontknowmeyet
  63. beyond-my-thoughts
  64. omfgorlaith
  65. angelic-smiles
  66. heyiheardyouwereawildon3
  67. hipsterizeddolls

There must be something that you like from this list, but in case you need more examples, here are another 51 fantastic Hipster blog names to give you ideas for your Tumblr.

List of 51 Hipster Tumblr Names to Give You Ideas

One of the best ways to get inspiration and ideas for your Hipster Tumblr is to check out what other people have called their blogs.

Most of the really cool Tumblrs have an awesome name to stand out above the rest.

If you’re setting up a new one, make sure you do a bit of research (and thinking) to get it right. If you want to change the name of an existing account, you’ve probably got an idea of names you like and don’t like, but still need to get more examples to make up your mind.

Hopefully you’ll get a few great ideas to create your Tumblr’s name from this list. Enjoy!

  1. neverforgetyourdreamss
  2. pinkv0dka
  3. wildandfreexoxox
  4. dark-night–bright-days
  5. mywholeotherworld
  6. g-r-u-n-g-e-u-n-i-c-o-r-n
  7. girl-with-th3-br0ken-smile
  8. wwwvvicky
  9. neveroldenough
  10. welcometo-myblackparade
  11. just-some-teenager
  12. megan-eve
  13. letssellourshitandrunaway
  14. mylifesabeautifuldisaster
  15. brittaneejane
  16. if-only-weknew
  17. k–happiness
  18. sparkling-lace
  19. itsjohalibro
  20. young-wild-free-29
  21. t-oxickisses
  22. zada2011
  23. thegirl-withstarsforeyes
  24. bittersweetthoughtsofinsanity
  25. liivey0urlifee
  26. beccaaa-xoxo
  27. bemypeterpan-illbeyourwendy
  28. twilightvanillagalaxies
  29. neonmalu
  30. monicaxgabrielle
  31. livingfree8
  32. crimson-pain
  33. wontobey
  34. ha-ve-faith-in-me
  35. dancersalwaysturnoutbetter
  36. bitch-stole-my-nutella
  37. infinity-skylines
  38. claudia-colombian
  39. j3ss13
  40. lets-run-away-to-yesterday
  41. lue20012
  42. wh0re-ifi3d
  43. brionnanicole
  44. floral-my-shirt
  45. forgivingyou
  46. estrellaceleste
  47. capncrunchcx
  48. the-d-o-p-e-s-t-bitch
  49. marissamassacre11
  50. mycrownmykingdom
  51. s-a-v-anna-h

If you need a more detailed explanation of what it takes to come up with an ideal name for your Tumblr, take a look at this discussion on 10 Hipster Tumblr naming ideas.

11 Hipster Website Names that use the word ‘Hipster’

Hipster blogs don’t necessarily need to be named with urban slang that excessively uses hyphens to separate words or syllables, and numbers to replace alphabets that look similar.

If you’re after a more elegant, pronounceable and effective name for your new blog, here are the names of 11 top hipster websites and blogs that use a complementary word to define the blogger’s identity or the focus of the content.


Unlike most of the exotically spelt hipster blogs on Tumblr, all the names listed above will pass the radio test and stand the test of time.

Brand Yourself & Your Blog

All you have to do is make sure you have a clear idea of who you are, what you’re blogging or Tumbling about, and the image you’d like to project with your blog’s name.

Not Necessary to Use the Word ‘Hipster’

You don’t have to include the word ‘hipster’ in it if you don’t want to. In fact, for a lot of people, it may be better not to. It all depends on the content you’ll be posting and what audience you’re targeting.

Instant Branding if Used Appropriately

Having said that, if your Tumbl or blog is going to publish mostly hipster-based topics, then using the word ‘hipster’ in your name does give you an immediate brand to connect with your potential visitors.

Tumblr is for Hipsters, Wannabes and Everyone Else

There’s a lot of confusion about the appeal of Tumblr and even more on the hipster-like blogs on there.

Some people claim it is full of wannabe hipsters, while others defend their rights to express themselves in whatever way they want.

While it’s true there are a lot of teenage girls sharing and reblogging things they like and photos of themselves on the platform, there’s definitely also a lot more to this social network.

So, what’s the big deal with Tumblr?

This quote sums it up quite well:

Tumblr is the place where we go to be pasionate about things. It doesn’t matter if you are a hipster, a band, a social justice, a fandom or a fashion blog, you find people who understand you and keep the loneliness at bay. We have a whole civilization there, with our special language, our wars, our inside jokes…

That’s right – “the place to go to be passionate about things with others who share the same interest.”

So, if you like Hipsters, want to be a Hipster or whatever, you can connect with others who share the same interest.

At the same time, the rest of the world can also hook up with people that are interested in all sorts of other topics and get inspiration from each other.

Confused? Check out this video to get a better understanding into how a group of teens use Tumblr to fuel their passion for fashion, food and more.

5 Girls Explain How They Use Tumblr & Why It’s Cool

So you’re thinking of starting a Tumblr blog, a hipster blog, or a hipster blog on Tumblr, and want to get a really cool name. You’re trying to search for an awesome name but need some naming ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Well, a good first step is to figure out how you’ll be using Tumblr, or what you’ll be posting in your blog. Once you confirm the content, focus and theme of your blog, you’ll be able to find an ideal name for it more easily.

To find out how other people are using Tumblr, watch this video where a group of girls offer an introductory guide to anyone that’s just started a Tumblog, and anyone who is wondering how the social network is used, how it can be used and why it’s so cool.

Join Arden Rose, Teala Dunn, Audrey Whitby, Gracie Dzienny and Meaghan Dowling who provide interesting insights into the world of Tumblr:

10 Hipster Tumblr Blog Name Ideas and Examples

The names of Hipster blogs on Tumblr are complex and exotic to say the least, and if you’re trying to come up with one for your new blog or trying to figure out what they’re all about, read on.

To understand the basics of Hipster blog naming, you should read up about ‘Creatively Cool Hipster Blog Names on Tumblr’ first. Once you’re familiar with the key concepts, you’ll have a better grasp of what’s trying to be achieved and meaning of the names.

Take a look at these examples to give you ideas and inspiration on how to create a cool name for your blog:

  1. asp3n – This one is on the more conventional side and only has the ‘e’ replaced by a 3 to make the word ‘aspen’ more unique. Even though it looks special, it’s a mouthful to verbally communicate how it’s spelt.
  2. b-ullshittt – This has 3 characteristics of a supposedly cool hipster name. Its offensive, spelt in a different way and hyphenated very strangely in order to be unique. How on earth would you tell someone the name of your blog without individually spelling the whole thing out character by character?
  3. dannieismyname – This doesn’t have any of those ‘I need to sound cool and be different’ elements. It’s just one of those long names that has 4 words ‘dannie is my name’ when it could simply be ‘im dannie’.
  4. dr3am-your-own-dr3ams – A good example of a true Tumblr hipster blog name with 4 words, the number 3 replacing all ‘e’s and 3 hyphens.
  5. sugar-blossem – This is short with 2 words and an acceptable single hyphen with only a unique modified spelling of ‘blossom’ where the ‘o’ is replaced by an ‘e’.
  6. u-AR3-B3autifuL – This name is a classic hipster name for a blog that incorporates many of the properties mentioned. It has 3 ‘words’, separated by 2 hyphens, selective use of capital letters throughout, chatspeak substitution of ‘u’ for the word ‘you’ and the use of the number ‘3’ to replace the letter ‘e’.
  7. we-run-fr33 – Again, it’s clear to see how the use of the number 3 in place of the letter ‘e’ is a popular method of creating hipster blog names. In comparison to the more exotic ones, this name is relatively simple.
  8. we’ll-B-aight – This is a good one to discuss. First, the use of an apostrophe adds a different dimension, as apostrophes are not permitted in URLs. So, although the name is “we’ll-B-aight”, the Tumblr URL is actually “” where another hyphen is used to replace the apostrophe. Also chatspeak is used to replace ‘be’ with just the letter ‘b’ which is capitalized for additional emphasis, and the straight ‘alright’ is spelt in a hip and ghetto way.
  9. we-r-sisters – Nice and simple gets the message across best sometimes. Comparatively, it’s not as interesting or clever perhaps, but if you’re not obsessed with showing off how cool and hip you are, it may not matter.
  10. whaddup-its-kels – The ghetto-fied greeting ‘whaddup’ is the focus of this name, as it conveys a hip and confident image about the blogger. The use of urban slang makes the name creative and appealing to some people, and if that’s the audience you’re trying to reach, go for it.

As you can see, there are various approaches you can take to name your blog. Start by sitting back to reflect on the identity you want to project and what’s cool about you. Most of all, choose a name that’s unique and don’t just copy what everyone else is doing.

Ultimately, it’s your choice and combination of words that matter, not how you modify them with chatspeak, 1337 and urban slang to sound and look cool. Don’t try too hard to be hip. Just be creative, be funny, be witty and be yourself.

Creatively Cool Hipster Blog Names on Tumblr

It’s cool to have a “hipster” blog on Tumblr with an awesome name that has unique qualities and shows off the hip-ness of the blogger’s creative naming skills.

These names are normally made up of a few words that describe the blog or bloggers with a combination of street and internet slang to produce an unconventional name that resonates with its intended audience of fellow teenagers with hipster blogs.

Many of these bloggers are known as ‘fake hipsters’ as they treat hipsterdom as an image rather than a mindset, and are characterized by their Tumblr blogs that typically reblog half-naked, skinny girls with denim high-waisted shorts, too many rings, clunky shoes, cross necklaces, fake tans, ridiculous braids and seductive pouting poses.

Characteristics of a Hipster Blog Name

Regardless of their authenticity and intentions, these blogs usually have names that have similar characteristics.

Here are 10 creative properties of cool Hipster Tumblr blog names:

  1. They Try to Sound as Cool as Possible
  2. They are Spelt in as Unique a Way as Possible
  3. Most are Far too Long and Hard to Spell
  4. Some Use Far too Many Hyphens
  5. There’s a Strange & Varied Spelling of Words
  6. Some Letters are Commonly Replaced with Numbers
  7. Some use selective Capitalization for Emphasis
  8. Chatspeak and 1337 are Incorporated at Times
  9. There’s a lot of Creative Word Play
  10. Some are Rude and Offensive

Hipster Blog Names & Tumblr URLs

Most Hipster blogs on Tumblr have the same name for its URL and the official name of the blog that’s displayed in the blog’s header. However, a large proportion of also have URLs that differ with the titles appearing at the top of the blogs, which can be quite confusing when you’re trying to figure out the blog’s name.

For the purposes of this article, we will treat the name used in Tumblr’s sub-domain as the name of the blog.

As such, a blog with the following URL is considered to be named “whaddup-its-kels”.

Examples of Hipster Blog Names

The best way to get an idea of creative hipster blog names is to look at some examples. Here are names that are considered to cool as they contain many of the characteristics cited in the discussion above.

  • asp3n
  • b-ullshittt
  • dannieismyname
  • dr3am-your-own-dr3ams
  • sugar-blossem
  • u-AR3-B3autifuL
  • we-run-fr33
  • we’ll-B-aight
  • we-r-sisters
  • whaddup-its-kels

To teenage hipsters, these names may be totally awesome, while to older folk and those who don’t quite “get it”, they are possibly scary and incomprehensible as names.

If you’d like to discover more about the logic and meaning behind these names to get ideas for your own blog’s name or to understand the method to this madness, take a look at the analysis in “10 Hipster Tumblr Blog Name Ideas and Examples”.