10 Hipster Tumblr Blog Name Ideas and Examples

The names of Hipster blogs on Tumblr are complex and exotic to say the least, and if you’re trying to come up with one for your new blog or trying to figure out what they’re all about, read on.

To understand the basics of Hipster blog naming, you should read up about ‘Creatively Cool Hipster Blog Names on Tumblr’ first. Once you’re familiar with the key concepts, you’ll have a better grasp of what’s trying to be achieved and meaning of the names.

Take a look at these examples to give you ideas and inspiration on how to create a cool name for your blog:

  1. asp3n – This one is on the more conventional side and only has the ‘e’ replaced by a 3 to make the word ‘aspen’ more unique. Even though it looks special, it’s a mouthful to verbally communicate how it’s spelt.
  2. b-ullshittt – This has 3 characteristics of a supposedly cool hipster name. Its offensive, spelt in a different way and hyphenated very strangely in order to be unique. How on earth would you tell someone the name of your blog without individually spelling the whole thing out character by character?
  3. dannieismyname – This doesn’t have any of those ‘I need to sound cool and be different’ elements. It’s just one of those long names that has 4 words ‘dannie is my name’ when it could simply be ‘im dannie’.
  4. dr3am-your-own-dr3ams – A good example of a true Tumblr hipster blog name with 4 words, the number 3 replacing all ‘e’s and 3 hyphens.
  5. sugar-blossem – This is short with 2 words and an acceptable single hyphen with only a unique modified spelling of ‘blossom’ where the ‘o’ is replaced by an ‘e’.
  6. u-AR3-B3autifuL – This name is a classic hipster name for a blog that incorporates many of the properties mentioned. It has 3 ‘words’, separated by 2 hyphens, selective use of capital letters throughout, chatspeak substitution of ‘u’ for the word ‘you’ and the use of the number ‘3’ to replace the letter ‘e’.
  7. we-run-fr33 – Again, it’s clear to see how the use of the number 3 in place of the letter ‘e’ is a popular method of creating hipster blog names. In comparison to the more exotic ones, this name is relatively simple.
  8. we’ll-B-aight – This is a good one to discuss. First, the use of an apostrophe adds a different dimension, as apostrophes are not permitted in URLs. So, although the name is “we’ll-B-aight”, the Tumblr URL is actually “http://we-ll-be-alright.tumblr.com/” where another hyphen is used to replace the apostrophe. Also chatspeak is used to replace ‘be’ with just the letter ‘b’ which is capitalized for additional emphasis, and the straight ‘alright’ is spelt in a hip and ghetto way.
  9. we-r-sisters – Nice and simple gets the message across best sometimes. Comparatively, it’s not as interesting or clever perhaps, but if you’re not obsessed with showing off how cool and hip you are, it may not matter.
  10. whaddup-its-kels – The ghetto-fied greeting ‘whaddup’ is the focus of this name, as it conveys a hip and confident image about the blogger. The use of urban slang makes the name creative and appealing to some people, and if that’s the audience you’re trying to reach, go for it.

As you can see, there are various approaches you can take to name your blog. Start by sitting back to reflect on the identity you want to project and what’s cool about you. Most of all, choose a name that’s unique and don’t just copy what everyone else is doing.

Ultimately, it’s your choice and combination of words that matter, not how you modify them with chatspeak, 1337 and urban slang to sound and look cool. Don’t try too hard to be hip. Just be creative, be funny, be witty and be yourself.

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