Creatively Cool Hipster Blog Names on Tumblr

It’s cool to have a “hipster” blog on Tumblr with an awesome name that has unique qualities and shows off the hip-ness of the blogger’s creative naming skills.

These names are normally made up of a few words that describe the blog or bloggers with a combination of street and internet slang to produce an unconventional name that resonates with its intended audience of fellow teenagers with hipster blogs.

Many of these bloggers are known as ‘fake hipsters’ as they treat hipsterdom as an image rather than a mindset, and are characterized by their Tumblr blogs that typically reblog half-naked, skinny girls with denim high-waisted shorts, too many rings, clunky shoes, cross necklaces, fake tans, ridiculous braids and seductive pouting poses.

Characteristics of a Hipster Blog Name

Regardless of their authenticity and intentions, these blogs usually have names that have similar characteristics.

Here are 10 creative properties of cool Hipster Tumblr blog names:

  1. They Try to Sound as Cool as Possible
  2. They are Spelt in as Unique a Way as Possible
  3. Most are Far too Long and Hard to Spell
  4. Some Use Far too Many Hyphens
  5. There’s a Strange & Varied Spelling of Words
  6. Some Letters are Commonly Replaced with Numbers
  7. Some use selective Capitalization for Emphasis
  8. Chatspeak and 1337 are Incorporated at Times
  9. There’s a lot of Creative Word Play
  10. Some are Rude and Offensive

Hipster Blog Names & Tumblr URLs

Most Hipster blogs on Tumblr have the same name for its URL and the official name of the blog that’s displayed in the blog’s header. However, a large proportion of also have URLs that differ with the titles appearing at the top of the blogs, which can be quite confusing when you’re trying to figure out the blog’s name.

For the purposes of this article, we will treat the name used in Tumblr’s sub-domain as the name of the blog.

As such, a blog with the following URL is considered to be named “whaddup-its-kels”.

Examples of Hipster Blog Names

The best way to get an idea of creative hipster blog names is to look at some examples. Here are names that are considered to cool as they contain many of the characteristics cited in the discussion above.

  • asp3n
  • b-ullshittt
  • dannieismyname
  • dr3am-your-own-dr3ams
  • sugar-blossem
  • u-AR3-B3autifuL
  • we-run-fr33
  • we’ll-B-aight
  • we-r-sisters
  • whaddup-its-kels

To teenage hipsters, these names may be totally awesome, while to older folk and those who don’t quite “get it”, they are possibly scary and incomprehensible as names.

If you’d like to discover more about the logic and meaning behind these names to get ideas for your own blog’s name or to understand the method to this madness, take a look at the analysis in “10 Hipster Tumblr Blog Name Ideas and Examples”.

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